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Army of Darqness
Level 20 plus Kill Tasks


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These tasks can be repeated multiple times for experience.
Some of the items from these kill tasks will stack.  Don't stack them!  A stack gives the same experience as a single item.
I need feedback on how accurate these minimum levels are.  - Thrudd
Level Location NPC Item Monster Experience
21 Fort Veldon Seiml Larva Fire Ant Gatherer 206K
22 Gna Faste Sentry Crush Tree Sap TreeKeep 232K
23 Fort Atla
Cursed Mora 328K
24 Gna Faste Sentry Thuger Rat Tail Wood Rat 413K
25 Haggerfel Sinmora Obsidian Ashmonger 520K
26 Mularn Linna Melted Flesh Mephitic Ghoul 655K
27 Galplen Otkel Ear WW Warder 826K
28 Svasud Faste Svewn Wolf Fang White Wolf 1.04M
29 Svasud Faste Sissel Eye Biting Wind ?
30 Fort Atla Ug Tongue Mud Frog 1.65M
31 Vindsaul Faste Benni Ice Water Snow Giant 2.05M
32 Galplen Ohar Stomach Timberland Badger 2.62M
33 Vasudheim Mildri Claw Giant Snowcrab 3.30M
34 Galplen Ysunoic Lost Pearl WW Churl 4.16M
35 Galplen Thyra Claw Mud Crab 5.40M
36 Galplen Tallya Black Orm Gland Black Orm 5.24M
37 Audliten Jolqeir Cold Blood Frost Giant ?
38 Galplen Gudrid Terra Crab Claw Terra Crab 6.6M
39 Audliten Jordan Ice Creature Corpse Ice Creature, Block of Ice 8.00M
40 Galplen Galena Forest Viper Venom Forest Viper 10.5M
41 Galplen Nikgor Drakulv Scales Drakulv 15M
44(-?) Audliten Leim Digested Skull Bone Eaters Eviscerater 13.83M
43 Huginfell Dail Frozen Teardrop Wintery Dirge 15.89M
43 Mularn Lyna Spirit Stone Hagbui Spiritmaster 15.89M
43 Gna Faste Alrik Runemaster Engraved Page Hagbui Runemaster 15.89M
44(-?) Audliten Osk Vial of Ghastly Vapors Ghastly Albion Invader 15.89M
44(-?) Fort Atla Helja Ice Shard Shard Golem 15.89M
? Vasudheim Yosef Angor Jeweled Shaman's Totem Hagbui Shaman ?
? Jordheim Kvasir Aurora Corpse Bright Aurora ?
? Fort Veldon Sydney Ghostly Necklace Ghostly Hibernian Invader ?
? Vasudheim Kristen Vials of Shimmering Essence Pale Aurora ?
? Fort Veldon Hlif Troll Teeth Fallen Troll ?
45 Huginfell Rorik Svartalfar Poison Recipes Svartalf Infiltrator 20.97M
? Vasudheim Galagore Fenrir Tracker Paw Fenrir Tracker ?
? Jordheim Jorun Trip String Svartalf Foister ?
? Jordheim Haylei Feather Aged Boreal Cockatrice ?
? Galplen Gord Clay Clay Jotun ?
45-? Fort Veldon Liv Silver-gemmed Collar Enslaved Orm Runner ?
45-? Audliten Trapper Jora Teeth Iceberg ?
45-? Huginfell Runolf Frosted Grimel Root Icestrider Chiller 15M?
49(-?) Jordheim Kkor Red Eye Icestrider Interceptor 27M
Level Location NPC Item Monster Experience
21 Uppland Asdis Thick White Pelt Snowmen, Yetis, Bone Eaters 665K
30? Svasud Faste Anderrson Malefic Tooth Wyvern, Snowshoe Bandit, Winter Wolf 2.6M?, 4M?, 2gp

The Thick White Pelt and Malefic Tooth quests are really separate from the other kill tasks.  When you turn in the item, you will get experience or a gem or cash, randomly.  The minimum levels for these quests look wierd and I suspect that the experience you recieve is variable.