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Army of Darqness


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On this page we will provide links to information about our organization, related topics, or sources that simply provide entertainment.

Helpful Sites:

Camelot Herald

DAoC Catacombs - great site. maps, character builder, etc.

Camelot Warcry - quests info

The Classes of Camelot - great site. best spell lists, good guides, etc.

Allakhazam's Magical Realm DAoC - good general site, decent item database

Camelot Vault - nice general site, good movie section

Camelot Seer

Nice breakdown of the server populations

Camelot Stratics - yet another nice DAoC site. nice movie section.

Malvision - great DAoC movies

The Library - great site. best item database. maps, etc. defaults to french, you can change the language at the top of the screen.

Midgard HQ - Secure message board for event announcements

Combined spell charts

Midgard Times : P

DAoC Tradeskills - everything you ever wanted for crafting.

Keltor's DAoC Tradeskills Spreadsheet

Parsec's Nifty Crafting Cube

Crafting for Profit by Pharaoh

DAoC Armor Pricelist Generator

Very nice chart of the new weapon types that drop in TG

Divine Vengeance - some very nice guides in the Guides section

Celer's Siege Weapon Workshop

Camelot Herald Guide to Spellcrafting and Alchemy

Prissy's Guide to Alchemy

Leladia's Spellcraft Equipment Configurator

IGN Message Boards - tons of good Camelot message boards

DAoC Realm Abilities Configurator

statz0r - DAoC Log Parser. shows how your character is performing.

Neill's DAoC Stats Parser

Camelot Flow - another DAoC log analyzer

Wyrd's Style Spreadsheet - what the Hibs are using as evidence that Midgard is overpowered

RvR Spell Damage Estimator - see what spec, piety, etc. contribute

Alfie (The Talking DAoC Helper) - programmable log parser, looks nice!

Hirebrand - spreadsheet of Midgard weapon styles

Underfoot - small guild web site. They have some great RvR articles.

Father Matt's DAoC Tower - categorized page of links to DAoC sites

Camelotdata - lots of statictical reports about the DAoC servers and classes

Light tanks discussion board

CritShot - archer classes site

Rogue Class Guide

The Safehouse - rogue classes site

Namuna's Hunter page

Another good hunter guide

Team Skald

Ragnarr's Guide to the Newbie Runemaster

Izzi's Lore of the Runes

Eyer PaoUr, Skald of Midgard - you gotta give the singing troll a listen!

Eyer PaoUr's Dem Hibbies in a rock video : )

The Gawaine Photo Album - including guildie pics... : )

How about some jokes?

Play a game!


Let us know if there are any web sites that you enjoy and we'll consider including them on this page!