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Army of Darqness
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Calendar of Events

Events and activities scheduled for the guild will be updated frequently, so check back often to stay up to date.

Weekly Events

Each Wednesday Nite will be Lowbie XP nite. Anyone from level 5 to lvl 50 is welcome and encouraged to attend.  Please be ingame and ready to depart to the predecided destination by 9:00pm CST.  All levels are needed for this to work affectively. 
Thursday Nite is 40+ XP Nite.  Please be ingame and ready to depart for the predecided destination by 9:00pm CST.
Since the places of each of the XP nites are subject to change I haven't specified locations. You will be contacted via email or ingame prior to 9:00pm CST on the destination for that nite.
Friday and Saturday Nites are Guild RvR Nite.  Meet in Uppland at 8:45pm CST leave by 9:00pm CST.
Monday and Tuesday nites are left as open, but there will be both lowbie and highbie guild groups for you to join.  9:00pm CST is a set starting time for all guild events.
Please be punctual, no one likes to wait!  If you can't be on at the time specified please feel free to join up with us when you can be.

Special Events

Every day is special in AoD!

Prospective members are welcome to learn more about us by attending an event.