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I believe all the DF gear is 89% quality.

THAGO EMERALD SEALS (chain, studded)
Avernal Boots : af66 hits18 dex6 (23x)
Avernal Sleeves : af68 str7 qui3 con3 cold4% (25x)
Avernal Leggings : af70 con7 heat6% matter6% (26x)
Avernal Hauberk : af70 hits24 str4 (26x)
Tainted Avernal Gauntlets : Warrior af66 shield1 parry1 con4 str4 (23x)
Tainted Avernal Helm : Warrior af68 qui6 con4 crush4% cold4% (25x)
Corrupted Avernal Gauntlets : Skald af66 bs1 parry1 char4 str4 (23x)
Corrupted Avernal Helm : Skald af68 char6 con4 slash4% body4% (25x)
Despoiled Avernal Gauntlet : Thane af66 sc1 parry1 qui4 str4 (23x)
Despoiled Avernal Helm : Thane af68 dex6 con4 body4% thrust4% (25x)
Fiend Forged Boots : af66 con6 dex6 matter4% (23x)
Fiend Forged Gloves : af66 mend1 aug1 pie9 (23x)
Fiend forged Sleeves : af68 str6 pie6 cold6% (25x)
Fiend Forged Leggings : af70 con6 dex6 cold6% (26x)
Tainted Fiend Forged Helm : Shaman af68 cave2 pie7 crush4% (25x)
Tainted Fiend Forged Hauberk : Shaman af70 cave1 hits21 pie3 (26x)
Corrupt Fiend Forged Helm : Healer af68 pac2 pie7 slash4% (25x)
Corrupt Fiend Forged Hauberk : Healer af70 pac1 hits21 pie3 (26x) (studded)
Diabolic Gloves : af66 qui4 str7 crush4% (23x)
Diabolic Helm : af68 hits24 qui4 (25x)
Diabolic Sleeves : af68 str10 heat8% (26x)
Diabolic Leggings :
Tainted Diablic Boots : Hunter af66 stealth2 con4 dex4 (23x)
Tainted Diabolic Leggings : Hunter af70 compbow2 con6 dex4 (26x)
Corrupted Diablic Boots : Berserker af66 con7 dex7 (23x)
Corrupted Diabloic Vest : Berserker af70 leftaxe2 con6 str4 (26x)

IAGO EMERALD SEALS (leather, cloth, accessories)
Eternal Strife Jerkin : af70 hits33 (26x)
Eternal Strife Leggings : af70 hits21 dex6 (26x)
Eternal Strife Sleeves : af68 crit1 con6 str6 body2% (25x)
Eternal Strife Boots : af66 dex9 body4% heat4% (23x)
Eternal Strife Gloves : af66 envenom1 dex4 qui4 str3 (23x)
Eternal Strife Helm : af68 stealth1 con4 dex4 qui4 (25x)
Gossamer Soultorn Vest : af36 dark1 supp1 pie6 power2 (26x)
Gossamer Soultorn Pants : af36 con4 dex4 power4 (26x)
Gossamer Soultorn Sleeves : af35 cold4% heat4% power2 str6 (25x)
Gossamer Soultorn Gloves : af34 hits18 pie3 dex3 (23x)
Gossamer Soultorn Boots : af34 con6 dex6 body4% (23x)
Tainted Soultorn Cap : Runemaster af35 rune2 pie4 dex4 crush2% (23x)
Corrupted Soultorn Cap : Spiritmaster af35 summ2 dex4 pie4 crush2% (23x) (accessories)
Malign Scarab Ring : lev36 hits18 str7 (28x)
Malign Scarab Bracer : lev37 con9 dex7 (30x)
Malign Scarab Belt : lev38 dex6 pie6 energy6% (32x)
Malign Scarab Cloak : lev39 char4 con6 str7 (34x)
Malign Scarab Jewel : lev40 dex6 qui6 pie6 (36x)
Malign Scarab Necklace : lev41 str6 qui6 dex6 (38x)

MARBO SAPPHIRE SEALS (studded, cloth, accessories)
Tainted Dismal Boots : Hunter af92 dex7 qui7 cold6% (28x)
Tainted Dismal Vest : Hunter af96 spear1 sword1 str3 dex10 (32x)
Corrupted Dismal Boots : Berserker af92 con7 qui7 matter6% (28x)
Dismal Tidings Gloves : af92 hits15 dex6 str6 (28x)
Dismal Tidings Helm : af94 hits15 dex4 qui4 str4 (30x)
Dismal Tidings Sleeves : af94 hits18 str6 qui6 (30x)
Dismal Tidings Leggings : af96 con12 old4% heat4% spirit4% (32x)
Infernal Torment Jerkin : af96 sword2 axe2 dex9 (32x)
Infernal Torment Leggings : af96 con12 crush6% slash6% (32x)
Infernal Torment Sleeves : af94 hits18 dex6 str6 (30x)
Infernal Torment Boots : af92 stealth3 dex9 spirit2% (28x)
Infernal Torment Gloves : af92 envenom3 str9 thrust2% (28x)
Infernal Torment Helm : af94 con4 dex4 str4 cold6% (30x)
Silken Spirit-torn Vest : af48 hits24 dex4 pie4 (32x)
Silken Spirit-torn Pants : af48 hits24 dex9 (32x)
Silken Spirit-torn Sleeves : af47 supp3 pie9 (30x)
Silken Spirit-torn Gloves : af46 dark3 dex7 (28x)
Silken Spirit-torn Boots : af46 dex7 power4 thrust6% (28x)
Tainted Spirit-torn Cap : Runemaster af47 rune3 pie9 power2 (30x)
Corrupted Spirit-torn Cap : Spiritmaster af47 summ3 pie9 power2 (30x) (accessories)
Accursed Demon Belt : lev50 con9 pie9 str4 (36x)
Accursed Demon Cloak : lev50 char9 pie9 body6% heat6% (38x)
Accursed Scroll : lev50 power4 dark2 supp2 pie6 (40x)
Accursed Demon Necklace : lev50 char7 con10 str10 (43x)
Accursed Bone Ring : lev50 mend1 aug1 pie10 power5 (45x)
Accursed Bone Bracer : lev50 hits30 shield1 parry1 dex7 (48x)
Accursed Bone Belt : lev50 con7 dex7 qui7 str7 (51x)

LUCIFO SAPPHIRE SEALS (chain, accessories)
Demon-forged Boots : af92 hits39 (28x)
Demon-forged Sleeves : af94 str12 qui3 cold4% heat4% (30x)
Demon-forged Leggings : af96 hits24 body4% spirit4% slash4% (32x)
Demon-forged Hauberk : af96 str12 con4 dex4 (32x)
Tainted Demon-forged Gloves : Warrior af92 thrown4 qui7 body4% heat4% (28x)
Tainted Demon-forged Helm : Warrior af94 str6 con6 dex4 spirit6% (30x)
Corrupted Demon-forged Gloves : Skald af92 bs3 str6 char4 (28x)
Corrupted Demon-forged Helm : Skald af94 char6 con4 qui4 spirit8% (30x)
Despoiled Demon-forged Gloves : Thane af92 sc2 con4 dex4 str4 (28x)
Despoiled Demon-forged Helm : Thane af94 con6 qui3 str6 cold 8% (30x)
Daemon-crafted Boots : af92 hits21 dex6 crush4% (28x)
Daemon-crafted Gloves : af92 dex6 pie4 power4 (28x)
Daemon-crafted Sleeves : af94 dex6 con6 pie4 heat4% (30x)
Daemon-crafted Leggings : af96 con10 power5 (32x)
Tainted Daemon-crafted Helm : Shaman af94 cave2 con3 pie10 (30x)
Tainted Daemon-crafted Hauberk : Shaman af96 cave2 mend1 pie6 con6 (32x)
Corrupted Daemon-crafted Helm : Healer af94 pac2 con3 pie10 (30x)
Corrupted Daemon-crafted Hauberk: Healer af96 mend1 pac2 con6 pie6 (32x)
Accursed Ring of Devotion : lev42 pie9 dex6 power2 (22x)
Accursed Bracer of Skill : lev43 compbow2 leftaxe2 dex7 (24x)
Accursed Belt of Might : lev44 str10 crush4% slash4% body4% (25x)
Accursed Cloak of Shadows : lev45 stealth2 con7 dex7 (27x)
Accursed Jewel of Arms : lev46 axe2 hammer2 sword2 spear2 (28x)
Accursed Necklace of Devotion : lev47 pie15 body4% spirit4% (30x)
Accursed Daemon Ring : lev48 hits24 dex4 str4 (32x)
Accursed Daemon Bracer : lev49 str10 pie7 crush6% (34x)

IONO DIAMOND SEALS (studded, cloth, accessories)
Tainted Fuliginous Boots : Hunter af98 stealth3 con12 dex12 cold8% (18x)
Tainted Fuliginous Vest : Hunter af98 hits39 compbow3 dex13 (22x)
Corrupted Fuliginous Boots : Berserker af98 con10 dex10 qui10 cold10% (18x)
Corrupted Fuliginous Vest : Berserker af98 hits39 leftaxe3 dex13 (22x)
Fuliginous Gloves : af98 hits30 dex9 str9 heat8% (18x)
Fuliginous Helm : af98 sword2 axe2 str15 con13 (20x)
Fuliginous Sleeves : af98 hits30 str15 cold7% heat7% (20x)
Fuliginous Leggings : af98 con18 dex12 body8% spirit8% (22x)
Atramentous Ichor Jerkin : af98 hits48 dex9 str9 (22x)
Atramentous Ichor Leggings : af98 hits42 dex7 str7 body8% (22x)
Atramentous Ichor Sleeves : af98 crit3 str12 dex12 spirit10% (20x)
Atramentous Ichor Boots : af98 stealth4 dex10 qui10 heat8% (18x)
Atramentous Ichor Gloves : af98 envenom4 dex10 qui10 body8% (18x)
Atramentous Ichor Helm : af98 axe3 sword3 dex15 str7 (20x)
Warped Infernal Vest : af49 hits30 dark3 supp3 pie9 (22x)
Warped Infernal Pants : af49 con13 dex10 pie10 body10% (22x)
Warped Infernal Sleeves : af49 hits33 dex12 power3 pie6 (20x)
Warped Infernal Gloves : af49 dex13 power6 heat8% thrust8% (18x)
Warped Infernal Boots : af49 con15 dex15 body8% slash6% (18x)
Tainted Infernal Cap : Runemaster af49 rune4 pie15 power4 heat8% (20x)
Corrupt Infernal Cap : Spiritmaster af49 summ4 pie15 power4 heat8% (20x)
Infernal Black Diamond Belt : lev50 hits67 (19x)
Infernal Diamond Dusted Cloak : lev50 pie15 str9 cold6% heat6% (20x)
Infernal Black Diamond : lev50 cold10% body10% str18 (21x)
Avernal Necklace : lev50 heat10% energy10% con19 (22x)

ORTO DIAMOND SEALS (chain, accessories)
Abysmal Boots : af98 hits30 dex12 body8% cold8% (18x)
Abysmal Sleeves : af98 hits33 str15 body6% spirit6% (20x)
Abysmal Leggings : af98 con12 dex12 qui12 spirit8% (22x)
Abysmal Hauberk : af98 con15 str15 cold8% body8% (22x)
Tainted Abysmal Gauntlets : Warrior af98 axe3 sword3 str13 heat10% (18x)
Tainted Abysmal Helm : Warrior af98 hammer3 parry3 con15 heat10% (20x)
Corrupted Abysmal Gauntlets : Skald af98 bs4 char10 qui10 heat8% (18x)
Corrupted Abysmal Helm : Skald af98 bs4 char12 str9 heat10% (20x)
Despoiled Abysmal Gauntlets : Thane af98 sc3 hammer3 con15 heat10% (18x)
Despoiled Avernal Helm : Thane af98 sword3 axe3 str15 heats10% (20x)
Abyssal Boots : af98 hits30 dex15 cold6% heats6% (18x)
Abyssal Gloves : af98 pie9 dex9 str9 power5 (18x)
Abyssal Sleeves : af98 hits30 con7 str9 pie9 (20x)
Abyssal Leggings : af98 con15 dex15 healt8% cold8% (20x)
Tainted Abyssal Hauberk : af98 hits30 pi13 dex13 (22x)
Corrupted Abyysal Hauberk : af98 hits45 aug2 dex7 pie6 (22x)
Tainted Abyssal Helm : Shaman af98 hits30 cave3 pie 12 dex4 (20x)
Corrupted Abyssal : Healer af98 hits30 pac3 dex4 pie12 (20x)
Infernal Pyre Walker's Cloak : lev50 dex10 qui10 heat12% (15x)
Infernal Jewel Of Venom : lev50 envenom5 dex7 str7 (16x)
Infernal Black Diamond Necklace : lev50 hits36 body6% energy6% thrust6% (17x)
Infernal Black Diamond Ring : lev50 con12 str12 cold10% (17x)
Infernal Black Diamond Bracer : lev50 char10 con10 dex10 (18x)

Maligned Avernal Spiked Axe : 10.5/3.5 axe2 qui3 (20x)
Maligned Avernal Great Axe 2h : 12.0/5.1 axe2 crush2% slash2% thrust2% (28x)
Maligned Avernal Axe LH : 12.8/3.5 axe2 leftaxe1 str3 (34x)
Maligned Dark Staff : 10.0/5.0 Dark31 con4 pie4 cold2% (20x)
Maligned Soultorn Staff : 10.0/5.0 Supp31 con4 pie4 cold2% (20x)
Maligned Rune Staff : 12.0/5.0 Rune36 dex4 pie4 heat2% (28x)
Maligned Summoners Staff : 12.0/5.0 Summ36 dex4 pie4 heat2% (28x)
Maligned Avernal Great Hammer 2h: 10.7/4.8 hamm2 crush2% slash2% thrust2% (21x)
Maligned Avernal Whisperer 2h : 10.8/5.0 con4 str3 pie3 (21x)
Maligned Avernal Caller : 12.2/3.3 str3 pie3 dex3 crush2% (30x)
Maligned Avernal Hammer : 12.8/3.6 hamm2 con4 (32x)
Maligned Avernal Sword : 12.0/3.4 sword1 parry1 con4 (28x)
Maligned Avernal Great Sword 2h : 12.3/5.6 sword2 str4 (30x)
Maligned Throwing Daggers : Shadowblade 12.8/4.0 thrust (34x)
Maligned Avernal Spear : 14.4/4.4 spear3 qui4 (32x)
Maligned Avernal Bow : 12.5/4.3 dex10 (32x)
Maligned Avernal Protector sm : hits30 (21x)
Maligned Avernal Defender med : hits33 (30x)
Maligned Avernal BladeBlocker lg: hits36 (34x)


Accursed Avernal SpikedAxe LH : 13.5/4.0 lev39 dot:50tick (21x)
Accursed Avernal Great Axe 2h : 14.6/5.6 axe3 str4 slash2% lev43 dot:50tick (27x)
Accursed Avernal Axe : 15.8/3.3 axe2 leftaxe2 con6 lev47 dot:57tick (34x)
Accursed Avernal Great Hammer 2h: 12.8/4.8 hamm3 str4 lev40 dot:50tick (22x)
Accursed Avernal Whisperer 2h : 13.8/5.0 con7 pie6 lev40 dot:50tick (22x)
Accursed Avernal Hammer : 15.9/3.4 hammer5 lev47 dot:57tick (34x)
Accursed Avernal Caller : 15.8/3.0 con6 str4 pie4 lev47 dot:57tick(34x)
Accursed Avernal Throwing Hammer: Warrior 15.8/4.0 thrown5 (34x)
Accursed Dark Staff : 13.8/5.0 Dark42 con4 dex4 pie4 lev40 dot:50tick 10 charges (22x)
Accursed Soultorn Staff : 13.8/5.0 Supp42 con4 dex4 pie4 lev40 dot:50tick 10 charges (22x)
Accursed Runed Staff : 15.8/5.0 Rune49 con6 dex4 pie4 lev49 dot:57tick 10 charges (34x)
Accursed Summoners Staff : 15.8/5.0 Summ49 con6 dex4 pie4 lev49 dot:57tick 10 charges (34x)
Accursed Avernal Great Sword 2h : 14.1/5.2 sword 4 lev41 dot:50tick (24x)
Accursed Avernal Sword : 15.8/3.2 sword3 str4 slash2% lev47 dot:57tick (34x)
Accursed Avernal Spear : 14.4/4.4 (slash) spear3 qui4 lev42 dot:50tick (24x)
Accursed Avernal Bow : 14.5/4.4 compbow3 dex6 lev43 dot:50tick 5 charges (27x)
Accursed Avernal Protector sm : con6 dex4 slash6% thrust6% lev41 dot:50tick 3 charges (24x)
Accursed Avernal Defender med : shield3 con6 slash4% crush4% lev43 dot:50tick 3 charges (27x)
Accursed Avernal BladeBlocker lg: shield3 str7 slash4% thrust4% lev47 dot:57 3charges (34x)

Infernal Spined Axe : 16.2/4.0 leftaxe2 axe2 con7 str7 lev49 dd:71 radius350 (15x)
Infernal Barbed Axe : 16.2/3.5 axe5 con13 lev49 dd:71 radius350 (17x)
Infernal Sunderer 2h : 16.1/5.7 axe5 con7 str6 lev49 dd:71 radius350 (17x)
Infernal Throwing Axes : Warrior 16.2/4.0 thrown10 (17x)
Infernal Protector sm : hits48 body8% heat8% lev49 dd:95 5 charges (15x)
Infernal Defender med : shield5 str10 body8% spirit8% lev49 dd:95 5 charges (17x)
Infernal BladeBlocker lg : shield6 str12 body10% lev49 dd:95 5 charges (17x)
Infernal Barbed Sword : 16.2/3.5 sword5 slash8% thrust8% lev49 dd:71 radius350 (16x)
Infernal Soul Blade 2h : 16.2/5.5 sword6 body8% spirit8% lev49 dd:71 radius350 (19x)
Infernal Soul Searer : 16.1/4.7 thrust spear5 con4 dex4 str4 lev49 dd:71 radius350 (19x)
Infernal Soul Splitter : 16.2/4.6 compbow5 dex12 lev49 dd:71 radiu350 10 charges(22x)
Infernal Life Searer : 16.2/3.4 hamm5 qui6 str6 lev49 dd:71 radius 350 (16x)
Infernal Soul Quencher 2h : 16.2/5.2 hamm6 body8% crush8% lev49 dd:71 radius350 (18x)
Infernal Caller : 16.2/3.0 power5 str9 pie9 lev49 dd:71 radius350 (18x)
Infernal Whisperer 2h : 16.2/5.0 power6 pie7 crush6% body6% lev49 d71 radius350 (19x)
Infernal Dark Staff : 16.2/5.0 Dark50 dex9 pie9 dark4 lev49 dd:331 10 charges (21x)
Infernal Soultorn Staff : 16.2/5.0 Supp50 dex9 pie9 supp4 lev49 dd:331 10 charges (21x)
Infernal Runed Staff : 16.2/5.0 Rune50 dex9 pie9 rune4 lev49 dd:331 10 charges (21x)
Infernal Summoners Staff : 16.2/5.0 Summ50 dex9 pie9 summ4 lev49 dd:331 10 charges (21x)

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